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Laeba Mujeeb

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The Gemini Reign

March 16. 2021

Think Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyers mixed in one...


Avery Adams, a high schooler, navigating her way through the grief of her mother's death, must face her worst nightmare all over again. She learns the truth about her family heritage and unravels the family secrets her parents left behind. This is a story of betrayal, reunion, heartbreak, and the way Avery must decide her fate. Will she accept her true identity? Or will she pave her own path?

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The Gemini reign is about a girl, who suffers from the trauma of her mother's death, finding out her true identity as a royal dragon shifter and the responsibilities she must bear.

The Gemini Reign

Laeba Mujeeb

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About the Author


Laeba Mujeeb is a passionate writer with a story to tell. Her love for books and immersing herself in new and exciting adventures from a plethora of all genres makes her special as an author of such a fiction novel, as it comes from a unique perspective. She has a devotion to share her experiences with the world and hopes her words can reach the hearts of readers with a like-minded love for mystery and excitement wrapped up in one action-packed adventure . She is the fantasy and science fiction writer of the newly published book, The Gemini Reign.

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