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Laeba Mujeeb

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The Gemini Reign

March 16. 2021

Check out the latest work by Laeba Mujeeb. The Gemini Reign is a fantasy world filled with mystery, suspense, heartbreak, responsibilities, and beautiful reunions. This book is about a girl who discovers her past and present. Avery uncovers secrets kept from her, a twin brother, and her role as a royal. She has a decision to make. Will she accept it? Or will she be forced to?

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 "I was not cut out to be a princess. I could barely walk without falling on my face, let alone in heels and a tiara. And the freakout phase began—all of the insecurities rooting into my thoughts and taking over all at once."

The Gemini Reign

Laeba Mujeeb

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About the Author


Laeba Mujeeb is a passionate writer with a story to tell. Her love for books and immersing herself in new and exciting adventures from a plethora of all genres makes her special as an author of such a fiction novel, as it comes from a unique perspective. She has a devotion to share her experiences with the world and hopes her words can reach the hearts of readers with a like-minded love for mystery and excitement wrapped up in one action-packed adventure . She is the fantasy and science fiction writer of the newly published book, The Gemini Reign.

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